A Letter To My 25 Year Old Self


Dear 25 year-old-me,

How are you? Are you doing well in life? I hope you found a job which you love doing and pays a decent amount as your 16 year-old-self dream about. Also, I hope you live in the US or in UK because that was your wish since you were small. I know that you’re happy right now because that’s all you wished for – happiness.

I hope you have your life put together, and if not, it’s okay. You don’t live in this world to satisfy other people’s need before yourself and your family. I hope, now that you’re 25, our parents are proud of you. Proud of what you’ve become and how far you’ve become. But, I hope you’re also proud with yourself. I hope you did follow your heart, follow what you love doing. Because we both know to you’ve sacrificed so many things in your life, you’ve encountered so many problems and you feel like giving up, but you keep your head high and move past it. You deserve what you have right now.

The advice I would say to you are – always keep your feet on the ground. Be contented of what you have and share your blessings. People may still not like you, but that’s okay. Always remember that people’s opinion of you doesn’t matter because you are born to like yourself, not for other people to like you. I hope you still remember that your anointing is enough because you are you. You’re unique in your own little way and I know sometimes, you can’t help yourself to be nerdy and weird but, that’s okay. I know I’ve said “that’s okay” many times now because I mean. And I really hope by now, you shed all of your extra fat in your body because you really want to.

5 years from being 25, you’re going to be 30. And we know that you really want to take up Masters and Doctoral Degree and I’ll support you. I know you love to study and expand your knowledge so much, that’s why I encourage you to do so. But at the same time, I hope you don’t get tired from studying so much because I know for a fact you sometimes hate it. I know that our parents will support you all the way.

Before I end this letter, I want you to know that I am immensely proud of you. You finally made it!

With pride,

Your 16-year-old self


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