A Thousand Words


We all agree that a picture’s worth a thousand words, but when I saw you, you are too a worth of a thousand words. I could say so many things about you but I mostly see you as a masterpiece. A beautiful young man, whose priority is his dreams and goals in life. A funny young man, who makes people laugh and adores by many. And to be honest, that’s why I liked you. And here I was, a young fragile woman yet, strong. Broken, but mending back the pieces that made me who I was. An introvert because I don’t want to be the center of attention, I was the girl who hides from everybody else’s shadow.

You treat everyone like your friend without limitations and with respect. As we met, we got to know each other a little bit more and that’s when people start to assume things, as they do. You just shrug it off and told everyone that it’s none of their business. I knew in that day, we made a strong bond and it can never be broken. Long story short, I was wrong, so wrong because in the end, you hurt me. And that made the mended broken pieces of myself break again, but this time, it’s far times worse than before.

Who was it that taught you to speak bullets without considering the exit wounds? Do you even think the words you told me hurt like hell without warning? I hope you never do this to people who you’ll meet in the near future. But if it will, be sure to taste your words before you spit them out. You were the bandage for my broken smiles and the doctor for my unnoticeable insanity, and in just a slap of reality, it turns to dust. Now that I’m drowning in my own thoughts, no one even dares to pick me up, not even you. Because for you. I am always ‘that’ girl behind everybody else’s shadow.

I am slowly healing and that just made me realize that there comes a time when I have to stop crossing oceans for people who wouldn’t even jump puddles for me. And that first person was you. In the end, I’m still happy that I met you, because you’re the reason for me to change for the better and somehow I felt that pain is never permanent and to not desire the things which will destroy me in the end.


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