Father is a person who is bounded by responsibilities. The one who supports the entire family and is the pillar of the house. But for me, I see my father a ‘master mind’, such that he tactically decides each and every aspect and problems the family faces and supports his children through his guidance. He is a mentor who gives wisdom and shares his experiences that can teach us many things in life. A major constructor for our success. He is, indeed, the greatest gift from God.

Papa, this is a great day to dedicate this poem for you,

What makes a Father

You have the power of an eagle’s flight,
the warmth of a summer’s day,
having the patience of eternity,
and the comforting arm at night.

The person who we look up to,
even in the midst of his imperfections,
the person who only wants the best,
to make our dreams come true.

Ignoring the shortcomings and the downfalls,
the burdens and the hardships of life,
and all the sacrifices he made for us,
his faith is unbound and love is unquestioning.

He wholeheartedly accept me with no conflict,
he lifts us up, and hold us a little higher,
the sheer purity of it leaves me in awe,
he is a masterpiece of an honest man.



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