Life Support 01

Oh, how I’ve miss(ed) writing! So, you’re probably wondering, where the freak have I gone. Well, to sum it up to you, I posted earlier that I was preoccupied with school. Blame it on university, just kidding! To say the least, I passed! Except for that one subject.. THAT WE WILL NOT NAME! And yes, low and behold, I was fully diagnosed with Anxiety and Clinical Depression with a hint of Dysthymia. Awesome right? NOT!

So yeah, I’ve started Life Support as a companion and open diary in my journey on finding myself back together. I will post every Mondays and update you guys on how I’m feeling all throughout the week. I started this because I know that there are people that could relate with me and what I’m going through right now. It’s not easy, but always remember that you’ll get through it.
READING The Mortal Instruments: City of Lost Souls (I highly recommend that you read the Shadowhunters Chronicles) I know that I am far behind since Cassandra Clare released Lady Midnight, but shush! Let me just enjoy this glorious book and MALEC.
WRITING THIS FIRST EVER LIFE SUPPORT I really wanted to raise awareness and to stop the stigma of Mental Illnesses because what we experience everyday is not a joke! I wanted people to feel that they are not alone. I want people to know that I am here, still alive, barely breathing but I’m fighting! Fighting for my own life because I still want to live. And I am also writing a poem for my wattpad account which I will attach here tomorrow 🙂
LISTENING War of Hearts by Ruelle DO I STILL HAVE TO EXPLAIN? I MEAN HOW CAN YOU NOT SHIP MALEC! I looooove Malec with all my heart. They’re my babies. OH MY!
THINKING My family in Riyadh. I miss them! Especially my two little sisters, Ashley and Macey, they’re my everything. My inspiration and my motivation. They are my reason to live in this world because they are my world. They just flew back last January 6 and it was the saddest day of my life but I’m looking forward to see them again this June!
WISHING for more books… HAHAHAHAHA!! Also, my everyday wish is World Peace and of course, for my health to improve because I MATTER.
LOVING My new idea for my blog! So stay tuned! and we can NEVER FORGET Ed Sheeran’s 2 new songs, Shape of You and Castle on the Hill! MY KING IS BACK!
FEELING The feels!!! I just finished reading one of my TBR’s this month, Holding Up the Universe by Jennifer Niven. So again, stay tuned for the review!
p.s. I want my own Jack Masselin someday 🙂

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