As the lyrics of the song, ‘The Man Who Can’t Be Moved’ by The Script goes “how can I move on when I’m still in love with you”, simply means one word: Memories. You can’t move on to a person if you’re still in love with the memories you both made. The memories that would make your heart flutter and have butterflies in your stomach. The memories that would make you smile and laugh. And some memories that once gave you heartache and misery onto your life, but the best memory was how you fell in love with that person. Think about it, you are not in love with that person anymore, you are more in love with the memories that he/she left you. That’s why moving on is hard for you, for all of us, it’s because of the memories.

Let’s face it, we are so in love with the memories because we wonder when it would happen again, we wonder if other people can make us feel that way again or even better, we wonder when can we feel the way that person made us feel before, because if not, then we fucked up. We are so attached to the memories that our heart and brain doesn’t function as one anymore. Because the memories we made are our special moments that tell our story. Our story that no one can ever know how well written it was, by us. People can and will never understand how special it was, because it was just between you and that person. And somewhere along the way, that person left you. Left you with the best memories you’ve ever had.

If I were to ask, where and how I would describe that memories, I simply say, I would connect those memories to the airport. Wonder why? The airport is ‘that person’, the plane is you and the passengers are your memories together. Well, when the plane took off, the pilot’s mission is to land safely onto the ground and into another airport, when the plane landed, the passengers walk out one by one and thank the flight attendants and the plane will have new passengers inside. Basically, when you slowly let go of that person and its memories, you’ll later on met someone new and make new memories together, and you will realize soon enough that the person you are with before gave you a lesson to not repeat the same mistake as before. And who knows, maybe the person you’re with right now is temporary, maybe he/she is not ‘the one’, because love moves in mysterious ways.

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