Midnight Thoughts


Before ending and bidding goodbye to this chapter in our lives, my thoughts wouldn’t leave my mind and it wants to be heard.

“Do yourself a favor, do not get attached.” Wise words from one of the most experienced teacher we have. These are the words that are now embedded in the minds of many students; though not out of deliverance but out of partial regret. Whether their arrival and pristine departure was either a blessing or a curse, the answer cannot be absolute. The answer is one to be cherished through memories and dreaded through nostalgia.

Ten months with a bunch of new people was absolutely a rollercoaster feeling. The unexpected friendship we had, those unforgettable moments, and treasured memories. It’s devastating to know that in the next two months everything will change. People will leave and eventually someone will come to replace the ones who left. But still, such heartbreak to think that your closest friend today might not be the same person tomorrow and the worst part is, to know that in the future I’m no longer a part of their lives.

School year is about to end but I’m not quite sure if I’m ready to say my goodbyes. Even though I stayed here for a short amount of time it felt like I’ve spent my whole life in this school. It’s sad to say, but I’m one of the students who will leave this school for the next school year. I’m going to miss the teachers who taught us a lot of things but don’t forget to have fun with their students. I’m going to miss the food in the cafeteria, though their foods are overpriced, I have to admit they cook really good food. The most special thing that I’m going to miss is the friendship that I had with my fellow classmates. I will always treasure every moment I had with them and they will be forever in my heart.

To the raunchy, yet awesome section I’ve ever had, Acacia, thank you for molding me into a better person than I ever was before. I may not talk to some of you, I just wanted to say I appreciate and adore every single one of you.

yours truly, a x


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