Youth Angst

Youth Angst, consist of only two words, but hurts like hell to every teenager who’s going through it. There is a saying, “If there is something that worries you, write it down, burn the paper, and forget about it”. It simply means that every teenager who’s experiencing it, is only just a phase in their life that they can forget when they become mature enough to fully accept that life is unfair to all of us and whatever problem they have, has a solution and they can overcome it.

Our generation today is very different from past generations, to the point where we call ourselves “Generation Z” or “Lost Generation”, it results to the ignorance and careless actions we do as teens. This mental disorder is spreading throughout the teenagers in our society. Past generations are unaware of this mental disorder that leads them to judge us constantly and would always tell us that their generation is unlikely the same from us. And since our generation is more open to being wild and reckless, we tend to keep our feelings to ourselves because we are afraid that our parents will judge us, but that’s where we’re mistaken. We should tell it to someone older than us for them to have a greater understanding with what we are feeling and for them to know that our generation isn’t all about being carefree and daring.

Depression, Anxiety, Schizophrenia are disorders which cause a person to think differently. These illnesses are not a choice but a feeling that can lead to something we will regret later on. Acts such as drinking alcohol, drug intake, smoking, early pregnancy, and suicide. We have difficulty, discomfort and displeasure in our mind. We can’t think straight and we would often get distracted. And what hurts the most, is that our parents couldn’t understand this.

When feeling like falling through an endless dispute and losing hope in everything, know that there’s a light to every darkness and please hold on to that. Always remember, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that”. It’s the same as “Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that”. The demon living inside our heads can be honestly terrifying, it’ll stay unless we let it go and accept the love we truly deserve.

We always mask our sadness with happiness because we don’t want society to see us suffering on how they mold our minds to think that something is wrong with us and we constantly let them change our belief with ourselves, thinking there is a copious amount of things we need to transform to let us feel accepted with the world we’re living in. We commiserate those teenagers who waste their teenage years thinking there’s something wrong with them, but in reality, there isn’t.

Accepting ourselves is hard, especially if the demon inside us wouldn’t go away that easily, but by thinking positively and by having faith with the Lord can help us get through it. As Katy Perry’s song ‘Unconditionally’ goes, “Acceptance is the key to be, to be truly free; will you do the same for me?” So, will you do it?

Disclaimer: The picture used is from tumblr.


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