It Has Always Been You

Before you read the poem, this isn’t about me, it’s about how my friend broke things off with my other friend for years ago but still can’t move on. So to ‘S’, this is for you.

years have passes by and all I see is you

four years no communication and all I hear is you

even when decades passes by, still, all I can think of is you

and if forever passes by, then it was my fault to let go of you

a strong-willed man with so much passion

a wild man whose dreams are out of this world

a witty man who makes everybody laugh

and a man who was supposed to be ‘the one’ became ‘no one’

I cannot forget you even by closing my eyes

you gave me so much happiness, more than I could remember

while all I gave you was heartache and pain

now I regret what I did and I deserve it

happiness and joy is all you want from me

but instead you found it in someone else’s

though, it’s not your fault that you left,

but for one last time, just hear me out – I’m sorry.


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