Life Support || 02

Last week, was the week where I felt happier than the previous weeks, maybe even months. No panic attacks, I just cried for a few times. I went to the gym for about 4 times last week and felt even better about myself. Sometimes, I wonder if the cure of my mental illness is getting in shape. I remembered going to school with no confidence, having low self-esteem, and not really sure about myself. All I can think of, is what my classmates and friends were thinking about me, do they hate me? Are they really my friends? The good thing is, they reassured me that everything was fine. But still, why do I always feel depressed? That was until my psychiatrist told me that I have Dysthymia – which is a low-lying trend of depression. That means I was depressed for a very long time.

Now, I am slowly accepting the fact that maybe my parents were right. Maybe stopping school was the best idea right now. It may be hard to accept that I will be stopping school for six months, I just looked on the bright side and see its positive effects on me. And to be honest, I am happy.


READING The Mortal Instruments: City of Lost Souls and I’m not enjoying it because MALEC WHY! Also, I started reading Clockwork Angel and I will tell you this: I am completely in love with Will Herondale. Ah, fictional characters are so much better than actual people.

WRITING I actually am writing 5 blog posts this day for today and tomorrow, so stay tuned. I was also thinking of transferring my poems here because I’m not into wattpad anymore.

LISTENING Storm by Ruelle I mean, do I still need to explain to you how much I love Clary and Jace? They are everything! Again, fictional characters are much better than actual people.

THINKING What book to buy next? Maybe Carved the Mark? And I was also thinking of re – watching Shadowhunters Season 1 because I just really love them. And I am always thinking about my family in Riyadh. 🙂

WISHING For World Peace. And for it to be June already so I can see my family again. And for my health to continuously improve because I ALWAYS MATTER. (Thanks, Holding Up The Universe)

LOVING My new blog! I am so happy I transferred to WordPress and received positive feedback from it! Here’s to more book adventures and life stories with me.

FEELING Happy to finally bought The Infernal Devices after searching it for almost 10 stores.

p. s. Will Herondale is something else.


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