Life Support || 03

This week, I got super productive! I transferred my blog from blogger to wordpress! Albeit, I can’t transfer my followers and stat here, I can always start again. I find it easy to navigate at wordpress than blogger. To be honest, blogger was my first choice in making a blog because I saw other blogs from blogger has good themes. But I felt so incomplete. Its like I’m not having fun at blogger. No offense to those who use blogger!

This week I survived having only 1 small panic attack and I didn’t cry. Good job, self! Still, I’m finding myself slowly as the days passes by. I always divert my attention to something else whenever I felt like I’m going to have a panic attack. Good thing is, I always divert it to reading and writing. I’m taking online classes of photography, hand lettering and drawing. I want to explore different things where I wasn’t really good at. I don’t want my anxiety and depression to always be with me. But of course, there are times that they won’t go away, but as long as I can control it, I will. I am not afraid to keep on living because I matter. And to you, reader, I hope you always remind yourself that you matter.


READING The Infernal Devices! Finally! I just finished reading The Mortal Instruments: City of Lost Souls and someone told me that I should read the last book after TID so I will! And stay tuned for Book Reviews of The Mortal Instruments Novel!

WRITING This third Life Support and I hope you guys are enjoying it! I m also writing 4 blog posts for tomorrow! Stay tuned!

LISTENING Love You Goodbye by One Direction yes, I love them! And this song reminds me of Alec and Magnus in Book 5 (no spoilers)

THINKING about my family in Riyadh, I really miss them! And if I won the goodreads giveaway hehe.

WISHING for World Peace and Equality! and I’ve been checking out the Tombow Dual Brush Pens and it costs so much here in the Philippines.

LOVING my new sketch pad so I can learn how to draw (Finally!!)

FEELING happy to start a new hobby which I’ve been wanting to learn for years!

p.s. I ship Will Herondale and Tessa Gray.


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