Life Support || 04

I’m back! I missed writing. These past three weeks was hell to me. The feeling of self pity and guilt came back, my depression is slowly kicking in again. But what I’ve realized is that – it’s okay to feel sad. It’s okay to feel depressed. I embraced depression again, for 3 weeks and I’m completely okay with it. Even though it made me feel like shit and just lay down in bed all day long, I let it happen. I let it happen because it made me rethink my life, my way of living, the reason why I want to be happy and to not repeat the same mistakes again.

As the saying “There is rainbow after every rain” goes, I knew to myself that after being depressed, I will rise again and continue on with life.


READING Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy! I love Simon Lewis, ah nerd hot guy. I am really excited how the story will unfold in the academy and how Simon will find his new self.

WRITING Two book reviews! (Hint: It is a part of a chronicle) I’m not sure if I’ll put it later tonight or tomorrow. Nonetheless, stay tuned for my next update!

LISTENING to I Don’t Wanna Live Forever by ZAYN feat. Taylor Swift. It’s so catchy! And I love ZAYN since he was still a part of One Direction.

WISHING for happiness. Since being depressed, all I want is to find true happiness. I may look happy but inside its hard to tell.

LOVING Dan and Phil (my new ship!!!) I have watched their videos ages ago, but I only find myself fangirling over them now. I love how they care about their fans so much and their videos make me laugh.

FEELING Inspired for this new start. It means new beginnings and new challenges for me. It’s so refreshing for me to start again. Albeit, I’m still coping up with it, I am confident to say that I CAN.

p.s. phandom please be nice to me


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