About Me

Hello! My name is Andrea Michaela Nano – a 17-year-old reader of YA books and a certified fangirl of gay guys (yeaaap, i’m weird) from the sunny Philippines. My blog contains mostly of book (reviews, arc’s, hauls), my feature writings, and a weekly update about my life – Life Support.

More About Me

I was a book reader since 2013, after I watched The Mortal Instruments:City of Bones. Even though all I heard was negative comments, for me, it was actually pretty darn good. When I found out that it was a series written by Cassandra Clare, I thought to myself, “Why not buy the books?” then I read them and was completely obsessed. Until now, I own almost 60 books on my shelf.

Somewhere along the way with my books, I was diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression with a hint of Dysthymia. It is not an easy ride for me until present time, but I know I’ll be able to come out of my shell and conquer the world. I started Life Support this year, January 8, 2017, because I know to myself that I wasn’t the only one who suffers mental illnesses. I wanted to raise awareness and stop the stigma of mental health because to some people they don’t take it too seriously when they should have.

I love to write. Writing is my form of surviving and escaping reality. Reality sucks. It’s hard to live in the world where us people constantly tries to please each other, when, in fact, we should only please ourself. That’s why I write, to let people know their true value and to share my experiences to other people.


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